Here are some special secrets of highly effective visualization:

a. Always visualize yourself making perfect shots, and using exquisite form. Make your visualizations ‘ideal’. This is an essential key in all visualization. Condition your mind to see perfect, ideal, glorious shots and to see them over and over and over.

b. Visualize when you’re bowling and when you’re not bowling. This creates a spaced repetition that has the effect of creating congruency. It conditions the mind to constantly see you bowling well. Also, you are in one emotional state when you’re bowling and a different emotional state when you’re not bowling. To visualize in both emotional states bridges your internal images across your neurology.

c. To visualize effectively, first see yourself from someone else’s point of view, bowling a perfect strike. Then, imagine bowling a perfect strike from your own point of view…that is looking out your eyes.

d. Before every single shot, visualize making it first. This is one of the finest ways to visualize when you’re bowling. Simply form the habit of seeing the shot made first, before you bowl it. Once you do this, and condition your neurology to ‘follow’ the picture, you’ll improve dramatically.

e. Correct your shots with visualization. Every time you miss a shot, immediately visualize what it would have looked like had you made the shot perfectly. Ie.. correct the image in your mind with your imagination.

f. Do the same thing, imagining yourself picking up various spare combinations.

g. Increase the number of times you actually visualize yourself making perfect shots, including spares you want to make more often. Most people don’t do enough visualizations ‘in a row’ to imprint the message on their subconscious mind. A couple images aren’t enough. It the same principle you’d use with doing sit ups. Doing 3 or 4 sit ups is ridiculous. You only consider doing, say, 25 or so. Do at least 10 visualizations of your perfect shot! Never less. Get into the habit of imagining a perfect shot 10 times in a row and watch what happens to your game!

h. Visualize just before falling asleep. We actually enter into what hypnotists call the ‘hypnogogic zone’ right before we fall asleep. It’s simply a time when our subconscious is more receptive and responsive to images and ideas. It’s a perfect time to plant the images you want.

I. Have a feeling of ‘expectation’ when you visualize. When you’re seeing yourself bowl those perfect shots, allow a smile to form at the corner of your lips, from the feeling of knowing that this is what’s coming. Create the feeling that you’re seeing a ‘preview of coming attractions’ feeling. This is the single best way to apply the principle of belief and expectation to your images. Simply practice this until your mind automatically adds the feeling of expecting it to happen. Then it will!

J. One extremely effective way to visualize is to imagine 10 to 20 perfect strikes and perfect spares in your mind about an hour or so before you go bowling. This is like saying to your body…’like this’.

k. After you visualize, say to your subconscious… “Continue to imagine me bowling better and better, and keep seeing me bowling strike after strike.” This will cause your subconscious mind to continue visualizing for you!