To create the most fluid approach timing, concentrate on balancing your body and on creating a build up of momentum. Here are some elements to experiment with:

On your first step, bring the bowling ball back in alignment with your bowling arm side foot, concentrating on keeping it over the foot.

On your second step, let the ball swing back naturally. Forget about your feet and just feel the swing. It’s as if that foot concentration times the ball into it’s swing.

On your third step stay on your push off foot for a long time…waiting for the ball to come through.

Finally set your sliding foot underneath you as you release the ball and slide into your balanced delivery position.

Experiment with a short pre-step in which the ball stays almost motionless.

Count in a speeding up rhythm and cadence (1…2-3-4) in order to get yourself to start slowly on steps one and two …then speed up on steps three and four.

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