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A former airport employee allegedly involved in a scheme to steal money from airport parking lot fees has agreed to plead guilty in the case.

Glen C. Fernandez, one of six former airport employees charged in the theft case, signed a plea agreement, of which Superior Court Judge Steven Unpingco received a copy yesterday morning.

If Unpingco accepts the agreement, Fernandez will repay the airport $6,000 and help the government prosecute cases against the other airport employees involved in the alleged scheme, said Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Moots. The employees are accused of collectively stealing $57,000 from the airport, according Superior Court of Guam documents.

The former airport employees were accused of making deals with tour bus operators so they could pocket some of the parking lot fees they charged the bus companies.

I come from the camp that theft though wrong, should NOT in general result in incarceration, a person stealing something should have to pay the person back plus punative damages (which could be community service rather than cash).

So in this case I think paying the airport parking company the money back is a sound decison. The airport also fired them, so crime didn’t pay this time and fortunately some petty white/blue collar ‘criminals’ who didn’t deserve time inside have the chioice to move on with their life on the straight and narrow rather than be forced into a life of crime by going to prison.

Call me liberal on this one :-)

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