TWO Nelson car dealers have jumped on board a police scheme to put the brakes on number plate theft.

Perry’s Peugeot and Walker Farrimond Citroen have signed up to support Pendle police’s “Safe Plates” initiative which involves the free fitting of tamper proof security screws to car number plates.

They are the first car dealerships in the country to sign up to the scheme which has seen more than 3,000 cars fitted with the special screws.

And the two dealers have promised to fit the security screws to all new vehicles and previous customers’ cars being serviced.

The screws are designed to stop thieves stealing number plates and using them in crimes like driving off from petrol stations without paying.

He said: “Safe Plates was launched last April in response to a rise in number plate thefts and subsequent drive off offences at local petrol stations.

“The only real way to resolve the issue is to make sure that every new car has its number plate fitted with these special screws and, thanks to the support of Perry’s and Walker Farrimond here in Nelson, we’re now on our way towards achieving that.”

Now I’m all for anti-theft devices etc… and protecting your car number plates sounds like a good idea. However, I’ve seen the sort of screws they’ll use and it’s not that hard tog et hold of screwdrivers to remove them.

I’ve got a screwdriver set that has a lot of unusual shaped screw driver bits, so I bet one of those would fit. Will have to do some more research to see if I’m right.

So anyone want their number plates stealing this weekend :-)